Some basic questions and answers about shooting Headshots

I am primarily, but not exclusively, shooting in studio, with a white backgound. I like the quality, sharpness, light and detail. I like the control you have so you are not a slave to the weather, or the busy backgrounds that take away from the person. We can also shoot on gray, black or with a indoor or outdoor background. I spend 99% of my time working with the actor to get a lively, energetic, compelling, approachable, confident expression. I believe when getting a headshot the image should technically be perfect. That is a gimme. That is what photographers do. But the life in the person is what gets people auditions in the end, and that is my highest priority!

Please bring all your favorite non-seasonally specific clothing. Vibrant, solid colors are best. Please avoid patterns or weird collars. Simple is key as you are the important thing in the frame! Blacks and Whites are not the best choices, but can work if it is the right piece. Clean and pressed clothing will look best

For women, I highly suggest hiring a make-up artist. You can bring your own or I can provide. They are often $150. Remember, most all of the jobs you book, they will use make-up, so don’t be afraid to look your best in your headshot. You could save some money by splitting one with another performer that will shoot the same day. Make-up should be very light, natural and matches with other areas of you rself such as you neck, etc..

Many photographers will tell you to make sure your headshot looks like you. A casting director will call you in based on your photo and expect you to look like that photo. I agree with this with some caveats. Casting Directors are very smart and intuative. They do not expect you to have a photo for every possible role you submit for. You cannot possibly have a shot as a oil rig worker, a banker, a junkie and a Vegas dancer. It is most important that you look your best, have a shot that is not too specific to any role, and that you have “life” in your eyes and face. Casting Directors second biggest priority behind the perfect actor for the job, is someone that is easy to work with. Someone that is reliable, pleasant, hard-working and not problematic. These qualities, I believe, are the most important things a performer can impart in their headshot. I will shoot until we get THAT photo.

I shoot as many frames as necessary to get the shots you need. I do not worry about number of frames. I prefer to take the time with you after the shoot and boil the shoot down to 100 or so images. I will then post them to an on-line gallery so you select the best ones at your leisure. You will also leave with these images on a CD. Bring a thumbdrive if you would like it that way. I will then retouch your selects in super hi-res format and burn them to a CD for you to bring to the printer. You are welcome to use the on-line gallery photos for any personal use as well. I can also deliver them to the printer for you if you prefer.

All shoots would require a 50% deposit to hold the day and time that you choose. Please give 48hour advance cancelation so as not to leave myself or make-up artists hanging.

A very good nights sleep and lots of water the day before you shoot will result in the best images!!

please feel free to send me any photos of yourself or anyone else if there is a specific look or shot you would like to re-create.

I strive to keep a fun, positive environment to get the best images. Feel free to bring you own music and I will provide, drinks, coffee, espresso, fresh fruit and such.

I truly love what i do. Getting the perfect image is to me one of the most satisfying experiences there is, but I also remember that the perfect image is a collaboration and if the artist/subject is not completely satisfied, I cannot be!


Headshots $300 includes Unlimited wardrobe changes, Unlimited frames, 3+ hours of shooting. You will leave with CD of all images in JPEG format that we will look through immediately after shoot and do selects (usually 50-100 images out of 6 or 700 total), 2 super high-res print-ready images retouched and delivered on CD and web upload to printer. All images will be viewable on private web gallery night of the shoot. The gallery will be shareable, and have the ability to rate and comment on each image. Will archive Raw files for 2 years afterwards.


If you would like me to come to you, I have 2 rates. $500 for half day including travel time.(4 hours) $1000 for a full day (8+ hours) This includes the considerable time in retouching and delivering the final images

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